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Thread: Toyota Celica Rim

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    Toyota Celica Rim

    Just a quick question, while waiting for my c430 kit, i wanna get rim and install first. I know ideal size for ferrari is 18-19 inch. But i was wondering would a 17 inch rim work?
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    Yes, might look a little weird if you don't have the right inset vs offset. That's why it's usually better to wait to fit kit first. Although with the right spacers / adapters or combination of both anything can be made to work. The worst that can happen is too much poke in front and you will have to shave the fender wells for full turn radius

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    No, you will regret it later. I had 18's on my lp640 and it never looked right. I did a 19/20 mix and it looks so much better.
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