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Thread: Advice on a mechanical parking brake that works?

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    Advice on a mechanical parking brake that works?

    Iíve installed the Wilwood spot mechanical parking callipers but it appears they simply arenít up to the job required. Iíve reworked, reworked and reworked cables, levers, pull rods, etc, etc, but they will not hold the car with the engine on idle and 1st gear engaged.

    Today I maximised all the adjustment so the calliper was in the full Ďoní position. I then managed to pull the cabin handle up just two clicks. As much force as could possibly be applied was.

    I started the car, let it idle, engaged 1st and slowly let the clutch out. The car moved off with little or no resistance.

    Can anyone recommend a stand-alone mechanical parking brake that works!

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    Boy From Oz,
    You have the wrong Wilwood parking brake. Check the HM or MC4 series mechanical parking brake from them, same ones that Shelby uses on Mustangs. The one you have is for a go-kart.

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