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Thread: Engine parts from Jeep CJ7 ??

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    Engine parts from Jeep CJ7 ??

    Great forum.

    Is it the iron duke that is in Jeep cj7 early 80.( looks very simular) It is very diffycult to find part cars here.
    Her in Norway it is difficult and it take long time to bay parts to this car. I can tell you a top cover gasket (over valves)cost more than 50 dollars.
    This engine has not all the electric controls that is used in our fiero 1984 2,5. We have trouble with idle, (must be over 2000 just to keep it going) stops immediately when I put into drive, so I want to put on ordinary carburator and distributor with vacum control and remove ALL electric controls on the engine.
    My son brought a set of molds to ferrari 308 and almost all parts is finished, only front and back part to do. The old body is removed and a small rust damage under battery is welded and now good as new. So I am just a father and mechanic helper with this project. American cars was my hobby 20 years ago.
    So if anybody can tell me is it okey to use carb and dist. from this donor car you will be very helpful.

    I think this is the page with help and tips to buildt a replica.

    Is there anybody that can help with picture of new door handle, I need to replace and weld this.

    This was a lot but tank you, and there is many years since I have been written american so you have to excuse some or many misspelling words.

    Have a nice and safety sommer, best wishes from Fiero_Norway

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    Re: Engine parts from Jeep CJ7 ??

    I don't know about the Jeep CJ7 engine, but you can swap in an engine from another car if Iron Duke parts are hard to come by. Possible Engine swaps are 3.4 camaro engines, 3800 and 3800 Series II engines from Bonnevilles and whatnot, Northstars from Cadiliacs, as well as small block chevrolet motors. Check out .


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