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Thread: Mid engine power steering

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    Mid engine power steering

    Hi Guys , maybe some has more experience with this than me, I am building a Countach replica, its taken more years than I can remember and there's still not a lot to see.
    I currently have a Lexus 1uz v8 attached to an Audi 016 in the rear, its also possible that may change to a m70 bmw v12, as I have a donor I'm working on in the driveway.
    Is it possible to run some hard lines from the existing hydraulic pump on the 1uz or BMW up to the rack, and if so what size lines would be good,the rack sits just in front of your feet and the pump right behind my shoulder ,so I figure the lines will have to be about 2.5 mtrs each way.
    I have followed a lot your builds for years and have searched for hours, but cant find any info on it, or if it's even possible, I currently have a runabout an MGF and that has really good electric steering, but after careful measurement I don't even have room for that at the bottom of the steering column. I am using a Toyota SC400 for most of the donor parts, and so are using the tilt column from that
    Do you think the length of the lines will cause me any issues, I have run out of ideas so any help much appreciated.
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    What I did was cut the lines at the pump with as much metal tubing as possible. Bend to make it fit your chassis if needed. Find a hydraulic hose repair shop and buy or have them 'silver solder' on some #6 JIC male ends.
    Do the same thing on the rack as well. If you want, you can make the return (low-pressure) line #8 JIC to avoid confusion. Get some lines made or do it yourself to fit your chassis length.
    It can easily be done all yourself with reusable hose ends. ( )
    Do not mix SAE and JIC, they are a different taper on the mating surface.

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    Ever thought of a corsa electric rack?
    One was used on this Lotus Esprit update:
    Can't remember the exact page - took me long enough to find the build diary again!

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    most powersteering systems have regular plumbing fittings. just buy some copper or stainless pipes and fittings and run them back to your engine, just make sure you fit flexible parts near your engine so they can handle the vibration of your engine.

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    Thanks for the quick reply's and advice guys it will help a lot. I have been hoping to use a Toyota MR2 fuel tank down the centre console, I have tried one in my Prova replica shell, and it will fit with the MR2 shifter above it, and will balance out the weight a little better its a 50lt tank so should be enough, it will also allow me more room beside the engine with out fuel tanks in the way, so I now can move ahead and workout the layout for the power steer lines.

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