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Thread: Door Speaker Setup

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    Door Speaker Setup

    What is the best door speaker setup for you?

    I was planning 2 lanzar 500 watt 6.5 speaker for rear and 2 pioneer 40 watt for front.
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    That is a very subjective question, I would suggest going to a car stereo shop and interview a few setups. Everyone has their own personal preferences for sound

    I am personally a big fan of the Hertz 3ways

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    I used to install car stereos and did quite a few high dollar ones. So I'd ask a couple of questions first.

    Budget first - How much do you plan to spend? Dollars equals better obviously.
    What do you need out of the system? Do you want just a decent sounding system that plays whatever well, a competition style system, a system that pounds the neighbors with as much bass as possible, or just one you can turn up as far as you can stand it without popping parts?

    Personally, I'm a fan of putting in very nice speakers with an amplifier to back them up in the doors. I typically try to get 6 1/2" jammed in if possible with a separate tweet, then back it up with a sub(s) in the back. I might use 6x9's in the rear, but it's not half as important as the front since you want the best sound coming from there to sound like a stage.

    the cheap way is to go for quality speakers off the head unit, then use a small amp with a sub. The better way is to use amps for all the speakers and have 2 or 3 way ones. The best way to is to go with a full crossover and amps on each speaker with no 2 or 3 ways, all separates. That of course cost more as you go up. Your choice.
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