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Thread: anyone in northern ca. lodi area want to help build this car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 76mx View Post
    Point taken and I understand there are different levels of construction. For that matter, I have been told by more than one person knowledgeable to this industry that I have been able to accomplish more with a few people and under $100,000 than what it took Tesla a crew of engineers and hundreds of millions to do. Not bragging either, just showing that I totally understand your perspective. The problem is when you call this "Easy", regardless of the level. I think that every builder here with any experience at all will say that the very easiest of these builds is not easy, and some may find it a little insulting when the Newbie tells them that it is. Otherwise everyone would build their own car, we would have no need for a Forum like this to exchange technical info, and we all could build the cars for The Fast and the Furious. I look forward to your build progress and if I am shown to be wrong I will humbly accept it. How soon till we can see your main framerails layed out?

    no you havent.

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    no you havent.
    Well, after kids broken arms, my corvette getting wrecked, wotking on a design project for a firm submitting proposals for the amg hypercar, my own current shoulder surgery and a sister in law move in I can say that I have been screwed for ANY forward momentum besides more design work. I'll upload some pics on my next post.

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    well i cant upload pics. its just too hard to figure out i guess

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    my car is in the far ground lol

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    section planes done

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    this is a render of the amg project. the guy a hold of me because he saw some stuff of mine in sketchup warehouse..some friend of his forwarded it to him. he wanted to know if i had any finished models i said no i only worked in cad....but that i used to do clay. i talked him into letting me submit because i asked for the drivetrain dimensions so i caould design around that...they had already developed them. oh he also said it was a front engine rear drive with a turbo in line 6 and 1100hp... he said he had offices in london and berlin IIRC. i was almost done but then some asswipe decided to rear end me in my corvette in front of my house and causing me to spend the rest of the summer laid up. so this is what i had up to that point.

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