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Thread: Project MkII MR2, "NSX stretch"

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    Project MkII MR2, "NSX stretch"

    Hello. Well me and a friend of mine were just screwing around in photoshop, and i happened to "photochop" a stretch to an mr2. Everytime i looked at a MkII mr2, i always wanted to see what it would look like if we were to stretch the back of the body for more of a ferrari/NSX look. This is what i came up with..

    Here's the old mr2:

    And the new stretched one:

    Would doing this be a possibility? Would the techniques be similar to a stretched fiero? Whatdoyouthink?

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    Re: Project MkII MR2, "NSX stretch"


    I think your heading on to something becuase that doesn't look half bad except the roof needs to be a tad bit more reformed, but i just think that the MR-2 would make a great candidate for a possible NSX exotic rebody kit?

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    Re: Project MkII MR2, "NSX stretch"

    make the roof more stretched or sloped in the back and it would look beautiful

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