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Thread: Fiero to De Tomaso Pantera

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    Fiero to De Tomaso Pantera

    I have an '84 Fiero SE just sitting down here at the shop, engine's no good. I want to turn it into a kit car, I would prefer the Pantera build for it, I was wondering if anyone knew of any kits out there that I can put the pantera body on the fiero frame, but swap out the 2.5 iron horse and transaxle for a small block ford. I have '95 mustang GT handy so I was wondering if I could pull out the rear end, engine, and trans and put it in the Fiero, hooking the transmission directly up to the rear differential. Does anyone know of any kits that will allow me to do this? the only one's I've found so far keep the fiero engine in them. Thanks in advance.

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    There was a Pantera kit many years ago and a fellow over on Pennock Fiero Forum bought the molds and did a build and a bunch of extra molds. He has not been heard from in several years though and as far as i know, only a few kits were produced from his molds.

    There is one guy over on Pennock's with a build thread showing one of the kits being built on a Fiero.

    Search on Pantero at and it should come up with a couple threads.

    The Pantera is about 5" longer in behind the firewall and a bit shorter at the roof line so the Pantero kit looks kinda like someone put the Pantera in a vice and squished it a bit to shorten the back end and pop it up a bit..... Stretch the Fiero frame behind the firewall several inches and I believe that kit would look incredible on the Fiero.

    Good luck with your search

    Did a quick search:

    Shows the evolution of what the guy did and the end pages are one being built now.
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