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Thread: Carbon Fiber Overlay

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    Carbon Fiber Overlay

    Looking for some direction of members whom over-laid carbon fiber material over gel coated polyester fiberglass parts , what brand of chemicals you used , the 1,2,3 method used ,can it be done with water clear polyester resin ,setting and drying time ,we are asking for examples , pictures of parts and chemicals. Cost would also be appreciated if current ,and any Safety tips to stay safe. thanks guys

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    I itemized the process with the products on my online build information package. Paint the part black, use fabric glue to position the carbon cloth, use two part epoxy (not 5minute epoxy), use a propane torch to get rid of bubbles, add more epoxy or switch to clear resin. Add about 4 layers of epoxy or resin and sand like crazy until smooth. Wet sand with 1500 and spray quality clear coat after that. Do NOT use resin on top of the fabric glue and black spray paint, it will lift it right off.

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    Here are a few examples.....lots of sanding was required.

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