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Thread: I need your help bmw V12 engine

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    I need your help bmw V12 engine

    Hi guys i need some experience help

    I have a V12 1998 bmw 750Il engine with all the wiring ecu ect building a lamb replica with audi manual transmission.

    I have a already joined bimer forums and others to find as much as information as i can and i have found out i need the accelerator pedal and also 2 O2 sensor on the cat however , i have also the bently manual which is 900 pages long and im going thought it however my questions are;

    1) dose anybody know how to bypass the abs and other things i don't need in manual transmission
    2) regarding the speedometer how is that plugged and what parts would i need?

    also any tips regarding the engine / detailed wiring any help ideas any knowledge you would be willing to pass would be highly appreciated.

    I understand it will be hard using the OM parts and i can get megasquirt but its too costly for me so im using the om parts and trying to figure things out and i don't have much experience so please be patience if i ask some simple questions

    Thank you for your time and you help.

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    Don't worry about the speedometer. All the new speedometers run on gps, and they are very accurate.
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    Thanx for that info i didn't know about them

    Please fell free to give any more advice ect thank you

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    Try here;

    The speedo input is required or else you will never get full throttle out of it.

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