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Thread: Pwon GTR Build Discussion

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    Pwon GTR Build Discussion

    Hi everyone, I'm starting up my own Pwon GTR build and in the process of working out the details for the cnc.

    My idea was to use 650 s headlights and modify the inside guts to match the oem. Waiting a bit though as best I've found is a pair for 8k .. maybe something better pops up.

    I also gave my local dealer a call about a pair of Pwon tails and got laughed at and hung up on.... if anyone is able to get a better response from their dealer I would be interested in cost.

    For windscreen/door glass I plan to use 650 s as I believe its the same although I haven't confirmed for sure.

    Chassis will be from the SLC modified to fit.

    I'm still not sure about what direction I'm going with the interior, I want a 6 speed however the original car is paddle shift.. still thinking if I can sacrifice the oem look for stick.

    Engine is still up in the air.. I've been following a few guys attempting to get the mercedes v12 running on megasquirt which is intriguing..

    Anyway I thought I would post to say hi and gather some input.


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    i can machine the buck for you.

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