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Thread: Ferraris $ 8,000?

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    Question Ferraris $ 8,000?

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    They are real but they would come with a registration that is salvage or write-off or something like that. They do not come with clean titles. Also, a lot of these cars are from floods so the wiring and lot of other stuff would need to be replaced at great expense or you will have gremlins in your car forever. If you want an exotic and know that you will never get the real value from it because of salvage title, you can go for one of these.

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    Saw some good deals on there. They want 25 bucks to sign up
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    Quote Originally Posted by madmods View Post
    Saw some good deals on there. They want 25 bucks to sign up
    Don't you need a dealer license to buy anything?

    And some of those cars are really old and sold. Isn't the enzo the one that Eddie Griffin crashed like 10 years ago?

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    That website is just a scam to get your $25

    But yes it's possible to buy salvage cars that cheap and there are brokers that will help if you don't have a dealer license

    You'll have to pay them about $150 plus deposit 10% of the amount you want bidding privileges for (if you want to bid $5000 you have to deposit $500, if you want to bid up to $35000 you have to deposit $3500) plus they charge fees when you win a car

    Just do a search for copart auction brokers. Here is a reputable one I've used

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