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Thread: CNC Machine

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    CNC Machine

    Im looking to build a CNC machine to make foam panels of doors, quarter panels, wings/fenders bumpers and bonnets etc so i need a CNC of some size.

    Im just after some help on whats parts are required, and generally how to build the machine.

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    I have been to their factory in Houston and seen these machines. I would recommend them for your purpose. It has been right at a year since I looked at them but the problem then was that they did not come with a table, maybe not even a big deal to cut foam. Well under $10,000 gets you all of the components, the next step up is $25,000.

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    you need a 3 axis driver and motor kit. you need to have a concept of how a gantry will be designed and built. youll need to figure out what kind of driving mechanism you are going to use, pulley and belt, sprocket and chain, gear and tooth rail, ball screw and nut.
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    we went and watched this machine run about 2 months ago ,we looked at the biggest one available, we will or plan to buy one ,the greenbull , hopefully by summer ,they will build the table for some extra money
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    I've built my own which I designed in Inventor...

    I'm using nema 23 motors (3 off) for my X,Y and Z. If I were to do it again I think I would use 2 on my Y axis for more stability especially if you are going bigger.

    Here are some more pic's

    As already mentioned you need to plan carefully and decide just what you want out of it. Remember your Z axis will most likely be your limitation due to your length of your milling tool.

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    Ive soon realised the size i want is out of my price range lol..

    For anyone who has an understand on cnc machines, lets say i try to do a wing/fender (im from the uk, i think fender is the american term), and the size of the whole panel is 3ft in height and 5ft in length..

    How hard is it to take a CAD drawing (again, not 100% if CAD is the correct term) and split it into sections of 2ft x2ft, machine positive moulds (making it appear the wing/fender sticks out from the flat surface, by machining around the panel) then glue them together till the wing is in shape then make a fibreglass mould from that?

    This will all be done is foam

    Sorry ive very new to this kind of stuff so im not great with the terminology (nor spelling lol)

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    Hi Dante, Splitting a cad or 3d model isn't that tricky. I think Aspire does this for you and also generates the gcode and post processor script required for a CNC. The foam cutting also would be easy.. You are most likely looking at about 1000 to 1300 for something that would work. This might give you a size of about 1200mm x 1200mm x 300mm. For this size I would use 2 x nema 23's for the X and Y axis and 1 for the Z. Again the Z depends on the length of your milling tool and you would not be able to do overhangs or lips (flanges). Something this size, home built I would expect less than 0.5mm accuracy which would be fine I think.

    I bought alot of my stuff from China (ball acme screws etc) which worked out alot cheaper but I had to wait ages for stuff to arrive.

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    is take it you are UK based? where abouts if you dont mind me asking? Your sig links to DNA and Extreme who are usually at stoneleigh so if youve ever displayed there, ive no doubt seen your car/s..

    and the plan is to build a plug similar to below by Seeman SS7 from Poland, ive tried contacting him and had no luck, so i came with the idea of making my own plus making bits for other users etc.

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    I'm near Bolton but haven't been to Stoneleigh since I sold my DNA just over 7 years ago. I will be there in 2016 fingers crossed with my Lambo. You could try contacting Brian from DNA to see if he would be interested in producing panels for you. They have a new manufacturing process which enables them to do bespoke cars from what i heard.
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