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Thread: How to Build Braided Flex Lines

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    How to Build Braided Flex Lines

    Guys, want to replace the rubber flex lines to the calipers on all 4 corners. I think I'm running Grand Am calapers on the front. On the rear I believe its the front of a 4wd Blazer calaper. Can you custom order these somewhere? What do I need to figure out for the threads, banjo bolt size etc.... in order to make this work? Can you just get the fittings from Earls???

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    If you have the fitting types and sizes and length of hose figured out you can likely find something already made online that will work just great. I've done this frequently in the past. There's no use in trying to purchase the fittings, hose, and crimper separately and then pray you learn to do it correctly the first go. It's just so easy to find ready made lines...

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