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Thread: Car Vibration Toyota Celica

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    Car Vibration Toyota Celica

    So just a question guys,

    I don't know if it a weight reduction thing or mechanical issues with my car, i clean my throttle alot, new tranmission oil, new engine oil, spark plug is ok, but the problem is when engine is warm up good it idle in drive mode like crazy. I don't know what else to check, So far i have straight pipe and a fiberglass body.

    Any idea?
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    The cutting of structural metal without reinforcement , the running of straight pipe without muffler , and the fiberglass not bonded tight to the car will cause vibration

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    I would also think its the pipes that would cause a vibration, especially if mounted solid to the chassis.
    If, as I understand your question, the car idles high when hot. Check that the throttle closes properly, & check for any leaks on inlet or vacuum pipes.

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    The Celica has 2 oxygen sensors, if you've deleted one or both it can confuse the car's idle controls. Do you have a check engine light on? I've read Honda owners who purchased a "dummy" sensor that tricks the ECU, and there are other ways around it.

    Also the worst vibration I've experienced was from a broken motor mount. Felt like the engine wanted to leap out the hood. Use a crowbar or pipe to check for play within all 4 bushings.

    Tuan you've posted videos before possibly a video of it running could help others with the diagnosis.

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    rubber mount your braces going to exhaust. Engine mounts would be next. replace them
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