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    In a discusion the other day about my countach a friend brought up a very important question. My car is the non stretch version,but what if I was to stretch it? What problems if any would I encounter when trying to insure the finished car? ???

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    Re: insurance

    Well here in Ontario Canada,you can re register you car as Kit Car ( RBT for rebuild) and all you need is mechanical safety check by lic.mechanic. as far as insurance ,not all will touch it but few.without any appraisal value up to 40 Gs good driving record around 100 bucks a month.anyway you don't want to be pulled over cause plates are FIERO and looks like Lambo?? and here in Ontario KIT CARS need no smog test.

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    Re: insurance

    wow.... great topic.. actually i have the same problemo... i got a v8 328 replica ... that i got in a deal and didn't register for a year now (although i drive it every weekend in the summer on my street ). What do i do ? It is in my name as a 84 4cylinder . I figure the kit should be allright if you don't stick the ferrari badges on (look what the honda people do to their slow cars). As far as the V8 goes i don't know. I'm trying to find the cheapest way...

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    Re: insurance

    you should re register your replica and drive with insurance on it. what if you get in collision and insurance will give you 500$ cause is only 84 Fiero not even upgrated custom. and all the bull with E test. you can get info at MTO( Keele-401) about Kit Car form.

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    Re: insurance


    Yes true.. they will just pay $500 .. but than again I only drive it on weekends and don't want to pay $300/month (quotes that i got till now) just to drive it on weekends.
    Well i see 3 options :

    1. I keep the car as it is and see if i can get insurance for about $100/month (do you guys recommend any companied ?)
    2. I switch the V8 with a V6.
    3. I buy a new fiero, register it pass emmission, get insurance, etc. .... than switch the body pannels in one or 2 weekends. (after that i can sell the v8 without body pannels).

    Which one do you think it's the best choice for me ?

    Do you know any companies that will insure 23 year old punks on v8 kitcars ? also possibly only to drive it in the weekend.

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    Re: insurance

    once you get 25 and up and you are driving with insurance last 5 years it'll be lot cheaper.I.m with Economical Mutual they do Kit cars. Put on 2-5 thousand dedactible,sign form for limited Kilometers, no other drivers and it should be OK.Now for your 3 options stay with # 1. you can still pass E test but it has to meet your 84 standarts. you Insurance does not know of your V8 unless you need special appraisal.I did not need it . E mail me your cell # and I'll tell where and what to do for all above Ed.

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    Re: insurance


    that would be great... will email now...
    thanks again for helping .

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    Re: insurance

    hi... just in case you didn't get my email.. my cell # is 416-737-1494 and it's free after 6pm


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