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Thread: Which transmission to use????

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    Which transmission to use????

    Hello everybody,
    As Im planning to start building my own replica, I would like to know,
    In case I'll use the Mercedes S600 V12 6.0 '95-'00 engine or the BMW 750 V12 engine,
    which transmission could I fit on these engines in order the car to become
    automatic and switched to padlles shift mode?
    As it is the original LaFerrari or the original Aventador that they use the dual-clutch automatic transmission...
    A very good friend from here, is telling me,that I can use a recent Porsche transmission or a Graziano
    and besides that I'm gonna need also a electronic interface controller.
    And with all these things Im a litlle bit comfused,
    can you please tell me how can I give this effect to the car?

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    Why not use a V drive arrangement, that way you can utilize the original transmission, in the case of the bmw I know they come out tiptronic so paddle shifters would be easy to setup. The cost saving from not having to have an adapter plate made and not having to purchase another transmission may offset the cost of the vdrive unit. just my thoughts anyway.

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    Can you please give some more details Justincosgrove?

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    Your never going to get a true F1 style paddle shift setup in that configuration. On the cheap, you could go with a newer style boxster tranny, from like 09 on that had the pdk option. They make a paddle shift steering wheel for that setup. But your friend is right, the only tranny setup I would go with would be the graziano. I'm putting in a v10 Audi engine matched with a graziano. But, at that point, unless you just really want a v12 for whatever reason, the hp vs. the pain in the ass factor and cost associated of going the v12 route just doest make sense. The engine is going to cost you 2k, and the tranny, engine management, adapter and flywheel and starter setup and all that goes into that will wind up costing you 20k. Even if you went with a G50 instead of a graziano, your spending big big money to get this to all work. What type of car is it?

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    Maybe I'll use the set up, that suggests me cutlass442 to the other thread....
    A GM V8 5.3L Impala LS4-300hp option sounds nice, because it has also a transmission with paddles, as he says so,
    but I can not find on which edition is this tranny....
    Is the "tapshift transmission" and on which year edition of Impala is it?
    If always it is on the Impala....

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