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Thread: Modern manual transmissions.

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    Modern manual transmissions.

    Hi guys.
    I have done a lot of research on the Toyota gearbox that's going into the Zonda, & have found some interesting info along the way from other forums & sites regarding the quality & strength of it.
    I'm sure things are done the same way on most cars today, & not just Toyota's.
    I read a thread on one of the 4x4 forums, that the D4D gearboxes all start whining after 80000-100000kms or so.
    So a few experts striped a few boxes and found that they have 2 sealed bearings fitted.
    These bearings only had a lifespan off +-100000kms.
    So after a lot of questions to Toyota, it came out that they build these boxes only to be filled with oil once, & they should only last that long, as that's what there market requires.
    Toyota SA, says they know about the problem, & fix all the boxes under guarantee, but when out of guarantee, its the owners problem.
    Now, we here in SA drive things till the doors fall off, so that means the boxes has to be overhauled every 100000ks, depending on the punishment you give it.
    I have seen a few old model Toyota pickups over the years with well over 500000kms on them.
    So what the 4x4 guys are now doing with the new boxes, is fitting open bearings, with a 12v oil pump for extra lubrication & cooling. The first 2 boxes the guys modified this way, has now apparently done more than 400000kms.
    I wonder how many other producers are going this way, as gearboxes seem to be the big problem on building fast, strong cars.

    A interesting link to the sealed bearings specification.

    Cheers Jose'
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