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Thread: misc lights

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    misc lights

    have people found good alternatives for the following lights

    sidemarker lights
    3rd brake light
    front fogs

    sources appreciated.

    also, what is difference in 308 and 355 taillights. 308 are a whole lot cheaper.
    What was I thinking??!!  I could have a VR4 Spyder for this kind of money.

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    Re: misc lights to get your stuff

    the difference between the 328 & 355 side markers i think is that the 355 are longer and thiner. correct me if i'm wrong.

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    Re: misc lights

    308s and 355 tails differ in size "slightly", but not enough to be concerned with but... they are ENTIRELY different when it comes to color and location of internal indicator lamps.

    For Fog Lamps, I suggest visiting your local DODGE dealeship or junkyard or e-bay and pick up some of the Durango fog lamps... Inexpensive, same size and easy fit

    Side markers are the "sleazy Suzi" of the exotic industry... EVERYBODY is using them! Get them off an old Fiat or other cheapy Euro car. Same lense, same hookups. My Lotus Esprit Turbo even has the same side marker lenses!

    I hope that helps

    DKOV -

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    Re: misc lights

    Early 90's Camry or Chrys. 95-9 Sebring Coupe Turnsignals
    Driving Lights- Pilot 2 1/2", clear
    Sidemarker Lights, amber (92- 4 Toyota Celica)
    3rd Brake light - just grab any generic one from the junk yard, or buy one with these dimensions(from DKOV):
    13 13/16 inches BUT the light portion is only 12 3/8 inches. Light height is 5/8 inches. Depth is 1 3/8 inches at the deepest part (where the plug mount is).

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