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Thread: Dash Replacement

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    Dash Replacement

    OK, not strictly kit car but you lot look like the best 'experts' for this query.........

    I don't want to bin my Peugeot 306 but the speedo bails out intermittently - loom dry joint - and now the digital odo/trip has gone down.

    Is it a stupid idea to think of replacing the dash with kit car dials bypassing the loom?

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    Yes and no. You can replace the whole dash but then you would need a new harness for all of the new instruments and new senders that index to those gauges. Seems like a lot of work and money when all you need is a speedo. Just use an aftermarket speedo with a GPS sender and you only need one hot wire to the new speedo. The GPS unit is about the size of a pack of cigarettes and can be mounted anywhere.

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