Hey guys.
I have a problem with the trans in my car and I need to know what to do.

Got a 1982 Pontiac Phoenix with the 4-speed Muncie transmission.

I plan on replacing both the motor and transmission on my car but I don't know how.

Problem is the 4-sp muncie has a cable clutch, and the muncie getrag 282 has the hydraulic clutch.

Is there any way I can keep my cable clutch and STILL get 5-speeds? Did they make any MG282s where I could pull the trans off the bellhousing? Maybe keep my old bellhousing and slap a new trans on it?

For that matter did the Isuzu 5-sp ever come in cable actuated clutch? or is there a way to modify it to be cable actuated?

Any help here is really appreciated because at this point I am 100% lost.