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Thread: Src430 Replace Rear Plexiglass

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    Src430 Replace Rear Plexiglass

    Hey Guys,

    Just a quick question, I already install plexi glass provide by xisco for the rear of my f430 with some caulking, my question is can i really cut the old plexi glass from my rear and replace with the heavy oem glass from the f430? Would it support that weight?
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    I think the question to ask yourself is, what would be supporting the additional weight?

    If only fiberglass is there and no metal brackets or anything of the like that would be more stable, then I would probably suggest you either abandon the idea or (if able) fabricate some sort of bracket to provide additional support to the glass.

    As long as it was supported, i see no reason why you can't use the OEM glass.

    Take that for what it's worth, I am not a builder or fabricator and my knowledge is novice at best. Just providing a logical answer since I lack the experience.
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    You should find out for sure if the rear window opening is OEM size.

    Like G35Mike said, you will need additional support for real glass. You could probably add steel to the inner structure to support the added weight of the glass as well as being able to install gas struts to hold it up properly when you open it.

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