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Thread: Mercy OEM roof placement help....

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    Mercy OEM roof placement help....

    Having some trouble getting the roof set like it should be. I need some advice on what to do or what I'm doing wrong or missing. Do the smaller passenger windows set before or after the firewall? I have been told the firewall is suppose to be moved forward, more straight up than the original Fiero firewall is set at. What are the dimensions between kick plates (?) front and back? (the width of the body between the doors from one side to the other) I have a height of 43.25" that was given to me by Cliff Miller for the rear of the roof. I have rubbed of the front height I had marked on the roof from moving it around, so I need help on what it is suppose to be. Any help at all would be great right now. If I can get the roof set where it is suppose to be I think I can set the rest of the panels on correctly. Thanks in advance for any help with my roof.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I am working with a '88 Fiero frame with a 10.5" stretch per Cliff Miller.
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