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Thread: Fuel filler with vent needed for Diablo

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    Fuel filler with vent needed for Diablo

    I foolishly bought an aircraft wing tank fuel door which Dale expertly fitted in place. Now I'm stuck with it. I have a 1.5" hose attached horizontally without a vent. I have to trickle gas in so slowly that 10.5 gallons takes forever. That and the full cutoff doesn't work at that level of input so I know the tank is full when gas runs out all over the side of my car. OK, so what I'm looking for is a 'tail' piece that I could drill and bolt inside using the existing screws for the external part. Ideally it has a gas cap recessed enough to be able to fit behind the existing door. Is there a salvage fuel filler for some random car that you guys use? I have the vent tube blocked off on the Fiero fuel tank so I could easily hook up a vent for it. I appreciate any input you have.

    I have searched this forum and I thought that I had seen one before. I just can't relocate it and I'm evidently not good with searches here.

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