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Thread: Ferrari F40 Replica

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    Ferrari F40 Replica

    Any one know about this F40 Replica?

    Any thoughts why the sellers asking price for this f40 is so high?
    Are the F40 replica going up in price?
    I have a v8 f40 for sale with bunch of OEM f40 parts !!!!! should I hold on to it?!!!!

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    IMHO- that car is not even close to being worth that much!!! The seller is in la la land. There is a reason it hasn't sold. That it has a V8 and a tidy build is a positive. But as for me, I'm not a fan of this kit's body. Post pics and or a link to your car! We'd like to see it!
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    Lol no bad replicas are not going up in value

    Just because someone is asking that much doesn't mean anyone will pay it

    No fiero based f40 with the ugly stock roofline and stock interior sold above $15k

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