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Thread: Midengine transmission thought

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    Midengine transmission thought

    I have been looking at alternatives to the mid engine transmission issues we have with building the cars and I was thinking about the fiero getrag 5 speed that originally wanted what I had used and still have in my car and caused me grief still. I was wondering if it would be possible to r8n as a longitudinal setup but just flipp8ng the engine and trans lonways and running a shat from that axle input back to a pumpkin or foraqrd and back for all wheel drive. So I looked around and no one had done it yet. While looking I found that the mr2 transmission is built extremely well and can easily handle 800 hp or more. This is information that was repeated everywhere I looked so how hard would it be really to use that transmission longitusually mated to a v8. I was looking at transfee cases but then actually as I wrote this I visualized just running a drive line straight off the axle mounts to a differential a d the all wheel drive application is a given .

    What are your thoughts on this where would you see problems and to keep this from going all over the place let's stick to figuring out how to make the mr2, I believe it was the sw20 transmission , work with this layout mated to a v8 and I'm thinking the coyote engine but there is a v8 toy engine that could make this easy as well but already I just put out too many variables. So cost wise let's figure on using the mr2 transmission and a small block chevy.

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    The same idea is being discussed in this thread:

    The biggest technical hurdle would be to find two differentials that have 1:1 ratios as txbuilder mentions part way down the first page.

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    Cool good looking out

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