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Thread: Countach Replica emergency door/front hood release?

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    Countach Replica emergency door/front hood release?

    I bought a countach replica and when I parked it last I turned the battery switch to "ALL OFF" meaning the door poppers won't work! 😱I tried to contact the original builder but to no avail. HELP!!!!😨 I looked just under the front bumper and ripped out the fog light wires yanking on things looking for a release cable! He told me when I bought it where the emergency releases were but I can't remember. Any suggestions? Thank!

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    Oh no! My Testarossa has door poppers too, and that makes me so nervous. I don't know why the builder didn't put some kind of mechanical handles or at least a backup release system. I'm working on designing a back up system now.

    Anyway, I hope you find the info you need. Thanks for motivating me to get that finished.

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    The front trunks open from the windscreen forward so maybe have a look in both front fender wells to see if the emergency release is in there. That is where I would put it if were to install one. Also possibly just forward of the front fender liners as that space is quite often left open on replicas.

    Good luck searching as a builder will put it wherever it makes the most sense at the time so may not be where you logically think it should be....

    On another note, please start a couple build threads or info threads about your two new purchases. The F40 and the Countach. You will need to set up a picture hosting location and copy the links over as the upload on this site doesn't work any more.

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