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Thread: I have a 86 302 swapped in my volvo wagon and i need some help

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    I have a 86 302 swapped in my volvo wagon and i need some help

    So just to get right to the point, i have some wiring to finish and im not certain what i can do, i need to wire the blinkers and headlights and i have no idea how to go about it with the new harness what do i need to do? The swap is out of a 86 mustang and the receiving car is a 93 volvo wagon 240

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    I put a 95 5.0 in my 66 mustang, i got the motorsport harness for the motor. Its plug and play. The blinker wiring shouldnt be part of that unless youre trying to swap the oem mustang harness back in. If youre doing a carb motor then you dont need a harness just juice to the coil


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    Where do you live? I might be able to help
    please visit my web site at

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    Hate to hijack the thread, but Shemdogg, I'm doing the same swap in a 64 Mustang. Wondered what you did for clutch cable, driveshaft, guages, etc. Send me a PM! Thanks!
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