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Thread: Cracked Front Signal Light. Suggestions? (Testarossa Mod)

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    Cracked Front Signal Light. Suggestions? (Testarossa Mod)

    Car: 1987 Fiero
    Mods: Replicated to 1984 Testarossa

    So I noticed my passenger side signal light in the front (the clear one below the orange) has a crack across it. Considering they're old and colored anyway, I'm debating two paths: 1 - Clean them and try to fill the crack with sealer and other tools to repair it 2 - Find someone that can make new, custom, vacuum sealed replicas.

    Does anyone know someone that can make new replicas or a place that sells replica lights? Or perhaps someone with a spare set?

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    If the crack does not go all the way through (2 pieces) you may be able to make molds from it and cast a new part. There are a lot of tutorials online how to do yourself but to be honest it's pretty complicated to get the mold just right and then casting the parts so there are no air bubbles. I've done it before and it's really too much work for just one part IMO. If you're going to make a run of them; different story.

    Email the owner Jason of he could make one if your lens is salvageable but it will be pricey.

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    I second what 275NART has recommended.

    Best thing to do would be to make a two piece mold out of silicone, and then use a urethane casting resin to cast.

    I would get the silicone from Smooth-On and the casting resin from Innovative Polymers. Their resins are amazing. You'll likely need a pressure pot or vacuum chamber to cast if you don't want bubbles in your part, and that can get expensive.

    I'd call Innovative Polymers to find out what you would need to do if you want to use their resins. Their tech team is great. They are the only company I have seen that specifically markets their resins to be used for automotive lens covers(there's a pic on the front page of their website).

    Here's a great how-to vid:

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