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    Phantom Body Kit

    I have recently had a 1991 Bentley come into my shop along with a Phantom Body Kit for it. There is no nametag anywhere in the fiberglass, there is very little to nothing online about it.(we have found a website with what looks like the kit but phone numbers don't work and email has turned up no responses). I wouldn't ask here if I didn't need help, we have looked online for almost 2 full days and found a few grainy photos of a build in progress. If you know anything of this kit, or know someone who might I would love to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

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    The only Phantom body kits I have run across (and I haven't been actively looking for these) have been for w124 Mercedes and Chrysler 300 from an outfit in Russia called prtuning. They have listings on ebay.

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    There was a phantom body kit based on a real 1980s rolls or Bentley donor car

    See here

    Just search google for phantom replica

    The body kit maker is likely out of business.

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    Thank you guys for the help, I've ran across both of those links just from searching for info for 3 days now. Haha, getting paid to Google search. Sadly, those very few photos that one page has is all we can really find as far as photos of the build, where to cut and so on. Hopefully someone who has built one of these comes on here and has some photos.

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    Try sending private messages in both forums to people posting the original threads

    Most of those members are long gone though

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    I'm new to this forum, how do you do a private message?

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