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Thread: metal stock size for stretch

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    metal stock size for stretch

    what size stock have people used for their stretch? The guy I got the git from gave me 2x3 and 2x4. when I measure the inside of the frame rails I get 1.75x2.25 and 1.75x3.25. does it vary by model year? or is it where I cut the frame (just before the shock tower).
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    Re: metal stock size for stretch

    2X2 box frame for the upper 2X(2X2) for the lower on the frame and 1X3" for the cradle ought to do it!

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    Re: metal stock size for stretch

    Here is a link to an article that shows the typical stretch..
    your stretch length may of course be different..
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    Re: metal stock size for stretch

    For the lower one you can use (2)1 1/2"x2" and cut the pieces about 14" long. This will allow you to put the tubes inside the rail once its cut and helps with getting it strait before you weld. Weld the two pieces together before using them. You can also weld some 3/4" flat bar at the ribs where the origional steel was welded together. I will find a picture to post for you to see it. I find it much easier and safer to do it this way instead of butting the tube in and welding.

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