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Thread: 87 Fiero Testarossa Kit - Headlight Question

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    87 Fiero Testarossa Kit - Headlight Question

    Was trying to use the search feature but it kept giving an Internal Server error, so my apologies if this is answered somewhere.

    Recently, I noticed I had a headlight out....or so I thought. Turns out that the mounting ring snapped at a weld and cause headlight to dislodge. Upon further inspection, I noticed the buckets and setup really weren't put together all that great. I've ordered the new fiberglass housing, but I'm trying to find a good replacement for the buckets and mounting rings. What would you guys suggest? I know that they're 5 3/4, 4000 Wagner bulbs. Would something like these ( work?

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    Do you have any photos of your current headlight system?

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    I am looking for some fiberglass housings, where were you able to order them from??

    I guess I should have looked harder.. the headlights were in front trunk under other stuff..
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