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Thread: A little help for ifg F355 roof

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    A little help for ifg F355 roof

    I have a 99% finish ifg F355 kit. And when I get it it havenít lock system and roof. Iím in Canada Ontario. Does anyone know where can I get a hard top roof( or gts style) in Canada? And anybody know a rebuilder can help me finish this project?
    This is link for my car:

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    Also I would like cut the bumper off the body. Make it separate like real car. And also I noticed the angle of headlight are a little bit off. Anyone know how to make this kit more authentic? Any advice? Thanks. My email is

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    Welcome to the madness. I had a 355 body years ago and rebuilt pretty much all of it to get lines straight etc.

    You may have some problems getting only a roof panel as 99% of them were all molded right into the rear clips. That being said, you could look around craigslist for some old kits that are for sale cheap and use the roof panel from one of those. If you want to do a soft top configuration, I copied the Amoda top setup on my 355 replica to have a targa top configuration with the B-Pillar folding down on top of the firewall. There is a thread from may years ago here walking through the details I did to build it.

    Headlights were always a problem area for me as well. I didn't like the kit versions so I made molds of oem 355 headlights and produced replica headlight buckets for a short period. They used a modified Cavalier headlight. Turned out pretty nice really in the end. I have given the molds to a buddy who could make you a set if you are OK to wait for a built as he is rebuilding his kitchen right now.

    Making an IFG kit more oem looking.
    This is an interesting dilemma on how far you want to go.
    My opinion and my opinion only on this.....

    Don't go crazy on the changes as you end up with a BOAT load of work for something that in the end, doesn't make that big of a difference. (I went deep and spent years...)

    • Cut the rockers off the bottom of the doors and quarter panles and make tem separate
      • Biggest tip off is the rockers on the doors
      • Make separate rockers and shorten the door bottoms to allow for the rocker to be separate
      • Fairly easy change and a HUGE difference in the look

    • Leave the bumpers on the front and back
      • Yes separate bumpers are a nice finishing touch but the IFG rear bumper is usually bowed (Sagging) in the centre.
      • To cut and correct this and then correct the tail light panel etc. is not worth the effort for a separate bumper in my opinion
      • You can fake a separate bumper by taking a 1/8" sanding grinder and go along the top of the bumper and make a small indentation all along the seam so it separates the taillight panel and bumper visually
      • Make sure you go all the way around to into the wheel wells with the separation indent
      • Paint the 1/8" fake gap you created a flat black and you have a visual separation without all the work of extra supports and flanges etc.
      • You may need to build up the fiberglass behind the area depending on how think the body panel is.

    • Interior
      • Looks like you have a replica interior already.
      • I can't remember the name of the manufacturer of the interior pieces but they get close
      • Leave it alone as is unless you want to do something with the centre console area.
      • Door pulls are wrong but they work and fit the rest of the interior
      • That interior looks like the one that was built many years ago that took a 308 replica interior and changed the gauge faces
      • Otherwise, it looks the same as the 308 replica interior
      • If you want to get really close and have a good budget, get in touch with Amida as he has a spot on and outstanding 355 interior for Fieros. Amazing quality to that interior but that quality comes with a price

    The above is all my opinion from personal experience but you are welcome to go as far as you wish and budget allows.....

    I think that would be my recommendations for you. You can pm me or I think my email address is in my profile if you want to contact me off the forum. I am out in Victoria, BC so we are in the same country but a bit of distance between us.....

    Good luck and post some updates in a new thread if you do start to cut it up....

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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