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Thread: countach assembly video

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    countach assembly video

    hello everyone,
    Some time ago I put in a request for a assembly video from any of the countachmakers. I recieved a reply froma j.a.martin who siad he was going to give me a copy of the IFG video. I haven't heard anything from him lately. Does anybody else have a video that might help me?

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    Re: countach assembly video

    I used to have one from IFG and it end up in fireplace.totaly useless! the most important is how to hang doors,headlites doors and front and rear lids,door inner frames and latches.the rest will be two year fun .

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    Re: countach assembly video

    Just to let know , JAM1875, is out of the kitcar scene. I have talked to him several times on the phone,And he is giving up on kitcars for now. He was pretty sick and tired of all the bad companies out there on the market, claiming to have this or have done that.Also told me ,that he was just gonna save up and get the real thing.I several of the tapes that he gave me, if you are intrested in. if you like i will make you copies. just send me your address on the private message ,at the top of the page.

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    Re: countach assembly video

    If you haven't gott'n a video yet just let me know.

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    Re: countach assembly video

    shaddoe: cool website! What movie was the Diablo for?

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    Re: countach assembly video

    "Days on Wallstreet", I talked to the guy with AOL today and I thought they were finished filming but they are still filming. I will be talking to him again tomorrow and find out exactly when the movie will be coming out. The car is at the AOL headquarters in Verginia. BTW, Thanks

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