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Thread: Resins for over foam

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    Resins for over foam

    So this has been something ive been looking for a while. Not sure why it isnt more common to hear people talk about. I needed a hard cap over a foam plug that can be molded or whatever you need it for. Anyother ideas or products you can gladly share.

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    have not tried it. i dont think its any better than epoxy resin. What i find interesting is their polyester resin that doesnt chemically dissolve styrofoam. that gives the possibility of making a part almost directly from a cnc machined styrofoam mold.

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    Thats what i hope to acheive. If it can be sprayed out fast enough it could be an amazing part. OR use this for a barrier and then use spies hecker spray poly on top of that if you want to sand or re-CNC the part to perfection. Then you can use the primer they sell and thin it out and use as a sealer. Loctite chemical release and have a perfect mold with all the detail you want without a ton of work.

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