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Thread: Build Your Own Racecar Frame Start Here

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    Build Your Own Racecar Frame Start Here

    Here are some ideas to get your frame design plans going.

    1 Lay out the bottom loop.

    Bottom loop can be irregular.One width for front subframe, another width for cockpit and another width for rear suspension subframe.

    2 Lay in the steering column support hoop.Add firewall hoop. Should give you a cowl area between two hoops.

    3 Rear cockpit hoop/rollbar.

    That should define the dimensions of the cockpit.

    Build UP from the bottom main loop to locate these other items:

    Engine/tranny brackets, front suspension mount points and rear suspension.

    Tie together with longitudinal and cross braces.

    Make the side of frame 18-24" tall. That far above bottom loop.

    PM me with any questions on how to get started.
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