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Thread: Modifying HAYNES ROADSTER chassis

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    Modifying HAYNES ROADSTER chassis

    Hi guys,
    I am back working on my electric concept car virtually, I now have 1 month of free time, hence I have decided to get back to the project.
    Two months ago, I messed around with different resins and styrofoam to use as plug and I got it right and I have even built few !:4 scale concept car models for few clients here, due to NDA I cannot show it here, but I will show the personal work I do in this form once I start working on it physically.

    I now need to start planning the chassis.

    The wheelbase I want to use is about 2550-2600 mm and the wheel track too I would like to add about 80mm to the heyen's roadster.
    Is it possible to maintain the same suspension and add length and width to the chassis?
    should I just make a chassis from scratch?

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    Haynes Roadster is a replica of Lotus Seven home-built according to a book Build Your Own Sports Car: On a Budget by Chris Gibbs (ISBN 1-84425-391-0). Ford Sierra is used in the car as a donor for drivetrain and suspension components.
    Haynes Roadster is a follow-up to the Locost design described in a book by Ron Champion. Locost uses Ford Escort Mark II as a donor, but as these have become increasingly rare, a design based on a more affordable Ford Sierra has been proposed. In contrast to Locost, which used Escort's solid axle at the rear, Haynes Roadster has independent, double wishbone, front and rear suspension.

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    By the way, interesting information, I did not know about it.

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