I'm planning on buying a completed Sebring/Bentley. The car still carrries its original 2001 Chrysler title. No title work seems to ever have been done. For export purposes I need a title that says the car is 2014 or newer (my country only allows cars 5yrs or newer). I've read through the Florida Statutes, and a "custom rebuilt" title would have the year the car is built to look like, but this particular build is not an option for "custom rebuilt" title because there is a clause that states the car must be older than 25yrs. There is another viable option. "Assembled from parts" title. The florida statute mentions this option but does not mention the process or much more. There is currently a Sebring/Bentley on ebay. This car has the "assembled from parts" title. Florida has given it a new identification number and a title that shows 2015. Can anyone guide me on how to get a title like this. I've asked the seller but he has no idea. Link to ebay below.