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Thread: Hot Rod Sports Car

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    Hot Rod Sports Car

    Got it right this time.I hope.

    They were popular in the early fifty's.Seen a couple in old magazines.

    It was spinoff of fiberglass sports car fad.

    They were Track T looking things with more of a sports car body.

    In the top view of frame it would taper in from the firewall forward to make room for turning radius of front wheels.

    That meant a narrow radiator.

    All the ones I've seen had Ford type drop axles which you wouldn't want to do today.

    IFS front suspension looks like hell exposed unless it's chromed but chrome weakens the metal and is ridiculously

    expense today.It was cheap up through 80's.You can use stock car IFS parts.Chevelle, Mustang II, etc.

    It can be covered with custom designed and built gravel shields.Covering front and top of suspension.

    Engine power can be straight 4 up to big block.

    This an idea for somebody that wants a scary fast sports car and build it the most straight forward way.

    Be a good idea for a kit with 4 tube frame and fiberglass body with or without hood/engine covers(open engine

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