Hello – I am looking for input on fiero first gen headlight troubleshooting that i did.
I went through the troubleshooting video (Buddy's video in below link) and need to confirm if it is the isolation switch or test motor relay.
I have posted two questions below.

1) Test for headlight switch.
- White wire (headlight switch OFF): measures 12V and also tested with test light and comes on.
- Yellow wire (headlight switch ON): measures 10.5V (instead of 12V) and test light comes on.
Question1 – is the 10.5V an issue?

2) Testing motor – isolation switch
a)Test motor - make it go up
White wire – plug it into pink wire – both sides of motors should go up - PASS

b)Test motor - make it go down
Plug White wire - blue white stripe will make passenger side go down - PASS
Plug White wire – to solid blue wire will make driver side go down - FAIL

3) Test motor relays:
I tested the driver side that failed.
Test to make motor go up: Green wire on motor side and link with red wire: PASS
Test to make motor go down: Black to Green and Blue wire with Red: PASS
Question 2: If the motor goes up when I bypass motor relay switch, does that mean the motor relay is bad or the isolation switch is bad?

This is the link to Buddy’s video that I followed: