I have a question about Audi/VW driveshafts, running gear and hubs.
Does anyone know if the driveshaft to transaxle flanges are common? i.e. will any VAG drive shaft fit to any VAG transaxle, and equally at the other end, will any VAG driveshaft hub spline fit into any VAG stub axle/hub?
I am not looking at transverse mounted engines and trannies.
I have seen a rear subframe from an Audi a5 quattro and would like to use the suspension mounts, a frames, hubs and callipers connected to A4 2.5tdi fwd driveshafts to my 1.8T Passat engine and transaxle
For my Zonda project I made up some adapters to fit Ford driveshafts and running gear to an Audi A4 transaxle, on this project I would like to as much as possible stick to only Audi/VW parts