I've been inspired by the guy on YouTube who is 3d printing his Lamborghini Aventador. He said it cost him $3000 to print all his pieces. I want to do that but with a Veyron, and seems a little cheaper since I will use a donor and will just fiberglass over and not use carbon fiber. I'm having trouble with the car I want to use as I want to get either a Sebring Convertible so I don't have to chop the top, or use a Mercury Cougar and have to put a whole new windshield, but I want the cougar for the 5 speed manual, but I basically just chop the whole top off. I already have my 3d models, I just need the right car before I print anything. Anyone know of a windshield in the same shape of the Veyron? Or if the windshield for the Mecury Cougar or Sebring will be fine? And I don't want to go the Mike Vetter route with the molds, but if anyone is interested, he is selling the molds for 7500. I also need to get headlights. It seems I could use VW Touareg headlights.