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Thread: V8 VW Beetle

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    V8 VW Beetle

    There have been many variations of the V8 beetle over the years but this guy has taken it to the next level. Not necessarily replica related but you can buy the component kit from him and put the machine together on your own. I spent several hours last night watching this instead of working on my own project as I was enthralled at his ingenuity .... Pretty amazing the way they worked through everything. Reminds me of the amazing work Charlie (76mx) has done with his Chupacabra frame.

    I put it in the Technical Section as this guy has done some amazing technical work arounds to fit a mid engine in a Beetle body.....

    Enjoy the several hours you may not get back if you get sucked in like I did....

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    Haven't watched 100%...but not hard to see why you would spend several hours taking it all in! As you pointed out....reminiscent of some the guys and builds here, including one 308 replica by a guy named Don!

    Thanks for sharing.

    All of it serves as inspiration to us that are mostly "dreamers" quote Ralph Kramden..."One o' these days!" but no..."pow!...right in the kisser".....just one of these days I may actually get to work on one of my projects again, instead of just looking at them and kicking the dust off once in a while.

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