The rear underside outer fender area. On the Meras the lower area has a rather large flat panel where you see the louver. It made it look kind of kit carish if you were driving behind it. A real 308 has louvers in that same area. So I looked and looked and looked and looked for a louver to use there. I finally was driving down the road one day and there was a old window air conditioner laying there for the trash pick up. The louvers in the sides looked about the right size. I stopped and took off the sheet metal cover and took it home. It was a perfect size. I cut out the louvers. They were too thin and would not lay perfectly flat so I cut some sheet metal plates and used Fiberglass rosen(?)(The liquid for fiberglass but with out the fiberglass matting) to glue them together. Painted them semigloss back and screwed them in place. I'm not sure if all 308/328 kits have this same area. Most all 308 and 328 kits were molded off Meras but some made alterations or just left some stuff off to make the parts easier and cheaper. The small white things in the screen are small stones. They tend to get in there in the bottem and I have to pull them out by hand occasionally.

The black screening you see is the area where the original exhaust pipes went around the trunk. To add Ansa tips I cut the trunk in the corners and resheet metaled it. This allowed the exhaust pipes to go up and out like they should leaving a large open void. I also had to cut some of the rear crash bar out to get the pipes thru. It is a hardened steel and took a good bit of work to cut the half moons out. Long story. I was going to have a body shop fill in the voids but came up with the screen idea. Was cheap to do and looks better I think.

The silvery screen you see is an open area that had nothing in it. So I had some thick heavy stainless steel screen I cut and fit in there and used a U channel rubber to go around the outside to finish the edge nicely.

My Ansa tip stickers are old and I have lots on hand so I keep putting new ones on to keep them looking nice. With the turbo they seem to deteriorate quicker now.

I still have the side marker lights in the side groove as they came on the Meras. I like it like that. I have seen kits with rear side marker lights and I think it adds too much clutter to the sides of the car. I'll stay with them in the grooves.

Not checked for spelling. I have lots more pictures and info to post. I'll do it as I have time.