I will do the exterior pictures then move on to the interior and engine. Maybe shamless plugs but for those building a kit I have found some neat tricks and stuff I want to share. All the years of getting the Kit Car magazines and all they show is distant pictures and not the small stuff that makes a car nice.

On the original Meras the reverse lights were from Ford Escort station wagons. The Ford logo was cast in the bottom. I sanded and polished that out the first week I had my car. A few years later I took the reverse lights and painfully cut the lens from the housing which was a dirty white and looked icky. I painted the inside of the housing silver then reglued the lens back on and painted the outside gloss black. (Use plastic paint and plastic glue!) Looks much better. I know some 308/328 kit owners have changed to real Ferrari tail lights with the reverse lights in the amber housings or modified the originals to have the reverse lenses. That leaves the license plate area very large and somewhat empty with an American license plate. So I choose to keep the Escort reverse lenses as I like the look.

A Cibie sticker I found at a hobby shop to make it look Italian. Not correct but I have never had anyone point that out.

I also decided to go with the 4" Ferrari horse. The 3" horse used on 308's and 328's just looks too small in my opinion. The 4" looks much better.

The original Meras used the coupe style lower rocker panels under the doors. I saw a kit car at a show that had the GT type lower rockers and thought it looked much better. Makes the car look lower to the ground. I bought a new pair which had a nice semigloss black finish so I did not even have to paint them. I had to do some cutting and rework to make them fit. I added a small shield sticker to add some color down there.

I also changed to the Vitalonie electric Turbo mirrors. These unfortunatly come with flat glass and are terribly hard to see out of but looked so good I had to have them. I cut and ground expanded view glass and replaced them. Much better. The stock Fiero mirror switch also does not work with these Italian mirrors. I had an electrical engineer friend make a circuit to make the two work togther. We used 7 relays to make that work. Took a long time to get it to designed and working.