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Thread: Fiero transmission?

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    Fiero transmission?

    I am going to buy fiero from Germany and now I have to decide what kind of transmission should I have in my next car. They are selling some 4-speed manual transmission and also some 4-speed automatic.

    I want to change my gears myself so the manual should be great for me but I also wonder if there is some kits for automatics that allow me to change gears myself. Does anyone know where I can purchase these kits and how much they might cost? Are these kits really working as semiautomatics because thatīs what I want most.

    What is the code of Fiero transmission? Is it th-125 or 4L60?

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    Re: Fiero transmission?

    Stock Fiero automatic transmission is a TH125, it's a 3spd. 4L60 (4spd) is from newer GM front drive cars and will fit. Not sure if it is a direct bolt in though.

    To shift yourself in an auto get a ratchet style aftermarket racing shifter, and a shift kit in the tranny. You can get teh shifter at - not sure where to get a shift kit though.


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    Re: Fiero transmission?

    4L60 (4spd) is from newer GM front drive cars and will fit.
    No. 4L60 (TH700R4) is front engine rear drive. the 'L' designates longitudinal. The 4T60 is the first gen transverse 4 speed auto that was used in front drive cars until about 1990 in most models.

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