I am lucky that my 88 Mera has the reproduction Cromadora rims. These were made by Cromadora from original Testarossa rim molds modified to fit the 88 Meras.

Real Ferrari center caps.

Ferrai stickers on the calipers. I have these Ferrari stickers in white and one day I'll paint my calipers gloss black and put the white Ferrari stickers on. They will be more visual then. Now they are somewhat hard to see.

I drilled my stock GM factory 88 vented brake rotors. I had a old bad one that I experimented on to find a nice pattern. I laid out all the holes by hand and spent a long time making sure they were all nice and in the right spot. I used a caliper and made a special tool to make each row perfect then center punched and drilled them on a drill press.

Ferrari valve stem caps. Have lost a few to theives.

McGuard chrome lug nuts. Best quality by far. Anything less is asking for rust!

Although these are Cromadora rims I have Pantera Campagnolo stickers on the rims because they look so cool!

I hand painted the raised lettering on the rims. Made in Italy etc. Took a long time to do all 4 rims to perfection. Was hard to do on those small raised letters to get each one just right.