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Thread: Diablo Seats in a stock Fiero???

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    Diablo Seats in a stock Fiero???

    While at Carlisle I sat in the silver North American Exotic Replica Diablo Kitcar and fell in love with the seats! I was wondering if they will first FIT in a fiero and second will they be high enough??

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    Re: Diablo Seats in a stock Fiero???

    I would think they would. Most Diablo replicas are built off a Fiero chassis. Did you get the owner's/builder's name? You might be surprised to find that those seats may be a MR Mikes seat kit on actual Fiero seats. Mr Mike builds excellent seat kits(best in the business).
    Sandy ;D

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    Re: Diablo Seats in a stock Fiero???

    I would be remiss if I did not reply given that I have the North American Exotics Diablo kit. The Diablo seat in the kit is a copy of the actual Diablo 1 piece seat. You probably noticed that there is not a lot of room for your butt. The seat can fit into a Fiero, you can use the same seat tracks from the Fiero with a couple of modifications and a bracket. Not exactly sure by what you mean by high enough - are you concerned that you will not be able to see out over the steering wheel? In any case, once padded, they are about 2 inches lower than the stock seat.

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