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Thread: Making your own wheel centres

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    Making your own wheel centres

    As many of you may know I'm getting my new wheels tomorrow. I already have a set of 4Ari wheel centres, but I don't think they are going to be the right size for the new wheels. Furthermore, I don't know if I will even be able to pop out the wheel centres of the wheel, so I might need to get stickers or epoxy wheel centres onto them.

    I'd like to stay away from stickers if possible, as they would most likely fade in UV light as well as provide a very cheapy look. Anyone have any other suggestions how I could go about making/getting wheel centres?

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    Re: Making your own wheel centres

    You can get exact enameled metal replicas of OEM from International Auto Parts for about $125 a set. I have them on my Ferrari wheels. They also have the mirrors and most emblems for Ferrari and Lambos. Very good quality, cant tell from originals and they are metal, not cheap plastic fakes. Ive used them for everything on mine. (this link wont bring up any ferrari or lambo parts) your going to have to call them to get a free catalog, or request a catalog from the link. But they do have them.

    1 800 / 726-0555

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    Re: Making your own wheel centres
    The Real Ferrari centers wouldn't work on my wheels, the guy above made some for the size I needed.
    Great Quality!! Very Happy!

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    Re: Making your own wheel centres

    these are flat metal and glue on any wheel center caps less than 2 inches in diameter. Or any other flat suface.

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