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Thread: replica 355 tail lights??

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    replica 355 tail lights??

    does anyone know of a good place to get replica 355 lights-
    (bucket type) that light up like originals

    also what is everyone using for the mesh for the rear decklid and front hood

    thanks for the help!!!

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    Re: replica 355 tail lights??

    If all you are looking for are the rear tailights then you can get the tailights of a 84 or 85 corvette. The only bad thing is that the lights are all red. But they work

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    Re: replica 355 tail lights??

    Check with Rodney Dickman for replica, he may have a line on them.

    Ive seen real ones go each or as sets on ebay for a few hundred dollars a set of 4. I just go into search ebay under all headings and type in 'Ferrari'.

    If you want to use Corvette. these people have corvette lite assemblies with 2 red and 2 amber lenses.

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    Re:replica 355 tail lights??

    Here is a photo of Bondo Bob's Mirage kit with Corvette tail lights in it. 21 May 2004

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